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Please pay us a visit to see how you like it! We are happy to show you around and immerse you in the environment to help you gauge if CAP is for you!
Thank you for taking an interest in Sky Harbor Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol (CAP). As a member of this organization you will have the opportunity to participate in many exciting and challenging missions. Please refer to the following information to aid in completing the applications forms.

Cadet Application (17 years or younger). Click here.

Senior Member Application Procedures (18+)


There are three forms that must be completed in order to join Sky Harbor Composite Squadron. These forms are as follows.

CAP Form 12:

Application for Senior Membership in Civil Air Patrol. This form will be sent to National Headquarters to officially register you as a member. Click here to download the form or pick up a copy at the squadron.

FBI Fingerprint Card:

This form will also be sent to National Headquarters with your application. Its purpose is to screen prospective members for previous criminal or sexual offences and is part of the Civil Air Patrol's Cadet Protection Program. You'll need to get a copy by visiting the squadron.

CAP Form 161:

Emergency Notification Data. This form gives the squadron information regarding whom to contact in the event you are injured or require medical assistance during a CAP activity. Click here to download the form or pick up a copy at the squadron.


To complete the application process, complete all three forms and return them to the squadron's personnel officer with a check for $65 made out to "National Headquarters, Civil Air Patrol".
Please read all the instructions below before filling out the forms. When you return the forms and application fee, the squadron personnel officer will check the forms for completeness and have the squadron commander sign the forms. The squadron personnel officer will then mail the applications forms and fee to National Headquarters. Once this is done, you will be a member of the Sky Harbor Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol. You should then receive your membership packet in the mail a few weeks later.

General Instructions:

Type or print clearly using black or dark blue ink.
All phone numbers should include the area code.
Use your full name (no nicknames).

Your address is your mailing address. If an address is requested and there are not separate boxes for the street, town, and zip, be sure to include these in the space provided.

CAP Form 12 Instructions:

Applicant Signature

Before signing the application, be sure to read the statement directly above the signature line and the Oath of Membership on the reverse of the application form. Do not sign the application if you are unwilling to abide by any of the statements in the Oath of Membership.

FBI Fingerprint Card Instructions:

The FBI Fingerprint Card can be completed at any police department. Some places may charge you for this service. Note that some only do fingerprinting at certain times during the week, so make sure you call them before going.

CAP Form 161 Instructions

CAPID: Your CAP ID and will be assigned after National Headquarters has processed your application. Leave this field blank for now.

Person to Notify in Case of Emergency:

The person listed in this area will be the person who is contacted in the event you are injured during a CAP activity. You may enter additional people in the blank space below the form if necessary.

Emergency Medical Data:

Please complete all information regarding your personal physician. If you go to a family practice with several doctors, please specify the doctor you normally see. Please provide the complete address of your physician.

Next Steps

After you return your completed application forms, visit the New Members page.
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