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Emergency Services


There is a significant amount of education and training required for the varied missions Civil Air Patrol supports, and more importantly the personnel needed to accomplish those missions.

All personnel supporting missions for Civil Air Patrol start with General Emergency Services training.  This is essentially CAP's license to learn, and also provides core training needed by all members in emergency services:
General Emergency Services Materials

Safety is a critical component in all CAP operations, and thus CAP requires Operational Risk Management (ORM) training for all members as well.

Mission aircrew training is critical for the variety of aviation operations that CAP supports:
Aircrew and Flightline Task Guide and Curriculum

Ground operations are also a critical function to CAP's mission operations.  Without ground teams, there can be no rescue in SAR.  The following training is used to train our ground operations personnel:
Ground & Urban DF Team Task Guide and Curriculum

All of the above personnel need appropriately training staff to plan and run operations.  The following training is used for the personnel working in ICS staff at the mission bases for CAP:
Incident Command Staff Information

Trainees are only allowed to operate in the field under the guidance of Qualified Supervisors.

Personnel are only approved to serve in the above specialties by approved evaluators:
Skills Evaluator Training and Skills Evaluator Training Exam

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